Finding Claire Fletcher is about a teenage girl who is abducted from the street and held captive for ten years.  Since I wrote this book, finishing it in 2006, there have been many cases of abducted children being recovered and reunited with their families.  You might recognize some of their names:  Shawn Hornbeck, Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Lee Dugard.  Their cases bring every parent’s worse nightmare front and center.  Although in their cases they were physically overcome and forcibly taken from their loved ones by very depraved individuals, they each have sage advice to offer the rest of us on how to protect our children.  I’d like to draw your attention to their foundations as well as some other resources that readers might find helpful.

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation

The Jaycee Lee Dugard Foundation

Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

The Polly Klaas Foundation

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)

It Happened to Alexa Foundation

FAST Defense

If you’re a victim of sexual assault or abuse, please reach out.  There is help. There are people out there who care.

If you’re a parent, please visit some of the resources above and learn how to talk to your children about strangers, good secret/bad secret, good touch/bad touch and how to protect themselves from predators.